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How much does Max Kepler make a year?

6 million USD (2019)

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Keeping this in consideration, how many home runs does Max Kepler have this year?

In 2018, Kepler had a batting average of . 224, hit 20 home runs, with 58 RBI, in 156 games. His 20 home runs and 156 games played were both career highs.

Subsequently, question is, who is the highest paid Twins player? Player Salaries

rank Name Total Value
1 Nelson Cruz $14,300,000
2 Marwin Gonzalez $21,000,000
3 Jake Odorizzi $9,500,000
4 Addison Reed $16,750,000

In this regard, is Max Kepler good?

Kepler had hit 20 home runs in 2018 for a career high and then nearly doubled that total in 15 fewer plate appearances this year. Before this past season, Kepler was only a marginally good player, posting a just below average wRC+ each year.

What position is Max Kepler?

Right fielder

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