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How much does it cost to lease a Mini Countryman?

Term of Lease: 36 months
Due at Signing: $1,000
Miles Per Year: 12,000

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Then, how much is it to lease a Mini Countryman?

$349/MO. Lease a 2020 MINI Cooper Countryman ALL4. $349/month for 36 months. $2,999 cash due at signing.

how much does a Mini Cooper cost per month? New MINI Lease Specials & Offers

2020 Vehicles Est. Monthly Payment MSRP
2020 MINI Convertible Lease Deals $328 * $29,820
2020 MINI Countryman Lease Deals $303 * $29,250
2020 MINI Hardtop 2 Door Lease Deals $222 * $20,600
2020 MINI Hardtop 4 Door Lease Deals $213 * $21,600

Correspondingly, how much would it cost to lease a Mini Cooper?

MINI Cooper S Hardtop Automatic (2015) Sample Lease
Target Capitalized Cost $24,725*
36-Month Residual $15,720 (60% of MSRP)**
Money Factor .00113 (2.71% APR)
Estimate $296 per month

Should I lease a Mini Cooper?

The MINI becomes more cost effective to buy than to lease after about five years for clients who don't mind driving an older car. For those who would rather drive a consistently newer vehicle or prefer the consistent low payments, leasing remains a cost-effective choice.

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