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How much does it cost to cool a data center?

On average, a 50-cabinet data center will occupy about 1,700 square feet. At a median cost of $8 per square foot, the space alone would cost about $13,600 per month. The power required to cool the 1,700 square feet can be roughly determined by the formula: Cooling Power = (PUE - 1)*Power Consumed.

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Keeping this in consideration, how much does a data center cost?

For the sake of argument, we can start with a figure of $1,000 per square foot. A 1,000 square ft. data center would then cost $1 million, on that basis. A data center of the size that Facebook or Google might use would cost from $250 million to $500 million.

Secondly, what are the biggest expenses in running a data center? Other Relevant Factors when Determining Data Center Cost

  • Electricity: 20 percent.
  • Engineering and Installation Manpower: 18 percent.
  • Power and Server Equipment: 18 percent.
  • Facility Space: 15 percent.
  • Service and Maintenance: 15 percent.
  • HVAC Equipment: 6 percent.
  • Project Management: 5 percent.
  • Rack Hardware: 2 percent.

Likewise, how much does it cost to rent a data center?

On average, you'll find datacenters renting Us of rack space out for $100 to $300 per U per month. Generally, this monthly fee will include a pre-set allotment of bandwidth and IP addresses.

What is a Tier 5 data center?

Tier 5 not only encompasses the resiliency and redundancy in other data center ratings systems, but also evaluates more than 30 additional key elements, such as long-term power system capabilities, the number of available carriers, zero roof penetrations, the location of cooling system lines in or above the data center

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