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How much does it cost to camp in Jasper?

Campgrounds in Jasper National Park
Name of campground 2020 Operating dates Fees
Wabasso 231 sites Reserve May 6 - September 28 $21.97 to $28
Pocahontas 140 sites Reserve May 13 - September 14 $21.97
Overflow 280 sites Reserve May 13 - September 21 $16.05
Snaring 62 sites May 13 - September 28 $16.05

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Also, how much does it cost to go to Jasper National Park?

Admission Fees But when you actually visit the overlooks, hiking trails, and other attractions, adults pay a daily fee of $9.80 CAD, seniors $8.30 and youth $4.90. This adds up quickly, but fortunately, you can pay a fixed fee for your entire carload of $19.60 per day.

Additionally, where can I camp in Jasper National Park? Best campgrounds in Jasper

  • Wabasso Campground (reservable)
  • Snaring Campground (first come first serve)
  • Wilcox Creek Campground (first come first serve)
  • Icefields Centre (first come first serve)

Similarly one may ask, do you have to pay to go through Jasper?

All visitors stopping in the park (even just for gas) require a park permit. If you are driving through non-stop, the pass is not required. Day passes and annual passes are available. All Canadian National Parks require visitors to pay an entry fee.

How far is Wapiti Campground from Jasper?

Wapiti Campground. Location: Located on the Icefields Parkway 5.4kms south of Jasper across from Whistlers Campground.

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