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How much does it cost to build an acrylic aquarium?

Building Your Own Aquarium
Height Thickness Estimated Price(USD)
0-12 Inches 1/4 Inch $160-$200
13-19 Inches 3/8 Inch $250-$350
20-24 Inches 1/2 Inch $350-$400

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Accordingly, how much does it cost to build a aquarium?

Aquarium costs vary depending on set-up Sweeny says setup for a small aquarium costs about $100, but a 200-gallon tank starts around $4,500. “I've seen custom setups for $25,000,” she says. “It depends on the computerized controls, cabinetry as well as the tank's contents.”

Beside above, how much does acrylic tank manufacturing cost? The tank and installation cost $1.6 million and has everything from sharks and rays to triggers and angelfish. They also built a million-gallon dolphin pool with acrylic viewing windows.

Secondly, how thick does acrylic need to be for an aquarium?

The thickness of the acrylic you'll need to use will be directly dependent on the dimensions of the aquarium you're building. For aquariums 1 foot (0.30 m) or less in height, use acrylic that is . 25 inches (0.64 cm) thick.

Can I build my own fish tank?

Building Your Own Tank Building a fresh or saltwater do-it-yourself (DIY) aquarium can be fun as well as challenging. This aquarium is constructed with the two end pieces of glass fit inside of the back and front panes, and the front, back, and two side panels set on top of the bottom base pane of glass.

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