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How much does it cost to advertise in the Houston Chronicle?

Newspaper Advertising Rate for Houston Chronicle
The estimated rate for ads in the newspaper is $676.00. Note: advertising rate estimates are typically for a column inch of black and white advertising space.

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Furthermore, how much does it cost to run a classified ad?

Typical Cost: $5 to $100 per line, depending on the publication, geographic areas, time of year, number of ads you buy, and whether you sign a contract or purchase ads on a week-to-week basis. Rates vary greatly, so contact each publication for actual costs.

Subsequently, question is, how many people read the Houston Chronicle? Houston Chronicle In addition to the Houston Chronicle's 825,000 daily readers and 1.4 million readers on Sunday,, is widely regarded as one of the top newspaper websites and averages nearly 95 million page views and 15 million unique visitors each month.

Correspondingly, how much does the Houston Chronicle cost?

Their usual $26 a month subscription went up to $30 in july. In September, it was $35.

How do I place a classified ad?

The Classified Ad format is only available in select categories.

Selling with Classified Ads

  1. Go to the business tool - opens in new window or tab or select Sell at the top of any eBay page.
  2. Enter your item details.
  3. In Format, select Classified Ad.
  4. The duration will automatically set to 30 days.
  5. Select List item.

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