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How much does each flush cost?

All toilets currently manufactured or sold in the United States are legally allowed to use a maximum of 1.6 gallons of water per flush. The cost depends on where you live, but on average is around 1.3 cents per such a flush.

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Beside this, does it cost money to flush the toilet?

Most people flush the toilet roughly five times a day, according to various estimates. So per person, that means the typical toilet cost about $24 a year to flush, or $95 for family of four.

Likewise, what is the average number of toilet flushes per day? 5

Beside this, should you flush every time you pee?

Every time you flush the toilet, you're using a heck of a lot of water to pull the waste away. If you flush every single time you pee (six to 10 times a day), you're wasting nine gallons of water at best every day.

How much does it cost to flush a toilet in the UK?

Flushing a standard toilet (9 litres) = €0.02/€0.04. Ten flushes a day would cost €80.15/€160.31 per year. Flushing a modern toilet (6 litres) = €0.01/€0.03. Tenflushes a day would cost €53.44/€106.87 per year.

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