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How much does a flagstone weigh?

2 inch flagstone, with large flagstone on far right.
These are great for building patios more quickly. The larger the slabs, the less the number of stones you have to level and settle. However, they do require more than one person to handle. You can expect them to weigh an average of a couple of hundred pounds.

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People also ask, how much does a pallet of flagstone weigh?

Patio Stone is palletized lying down. The average thickness variance on a pallet is 1" to 3" and an average pallet weighs about 4,000 pounds.

Subsequently, question is, how much does a 2x2 flagstone weigh? If you're talking about the pressed granite sort used by local authorities, I always reckon that a 2x2 weighs a hundredweight, and a 3x2 a hundredweight and a half. On that basis, one of your 600x900 (nearly a 3x2) will be about 70Kg.

Moreover, how much is flagstone per pound?

Flagstone prices range between $15 to $20 per square foot for both materials and labor. The flagstone alone will cost $2 to $3 per sq. ft. to purchase, after which materials such as mortar, preparing the site and labor costs will take up the remaining $13-$17.

How do I calculate how much flagstone I need?

  1. Determine the square footage of your patio or surface feature. (Length x Width)
  2. Determine the thickness needed for your flagstone product.
  3. Divide the square footage needed by the approximate coverage per ton to determine total tonnage needed.

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