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How much does a DSST exam cost?

The standard base price to take DSST tests is $85. In some cases, the test site where a person is taking his or her DSST exam may charge additional fees.

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Similarly, can civilians take Dsst?

DANTES / DSST exams : Even civilians can earn college credit! I highly recommend this exam to ANYONE wanting to test out of a required speech course. That said, check with your school first!

Furthermore, what is the passing score for Dsst? DSST exams used to be scored on a scale from 20 to 88, with passing scores varying from 44 to 49 depending on the specific subject. New and "refreshed" DSST exams are now scored on a scale from 200 to 500, with a passing score of 500 for all exams. Guessing is not penalized on any DSST exam.

Additionally, can anyone take a DSST exam?

Anyone can take CLEP and DSST exams While DSST exams were traditionally taken by military members who wanted to earn their degree, they are now open to anyone who wants to receive college credit. Again, both CLEP and DSST tests are open to anyone who wants to take them – there is no minimum age.

How long is a DSST exam?

two hours

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