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How much does a bushel of clams cost?

The dealer said that diggers are currently getting paid as much as $3.50 per pound for the tasty bivalves and that a local restaurant was told on Monday that it would have to pay $240 for a bushel (about 60-70 pounds) of clams. If the price of clams is high, so is the price of lobster.

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In this manner, how much is a bushel of clams?

If you are buying littlenecks, there are approximately 400 clams per bushel. If you are buying topnecks, there are approximately 200 clams per bushel. If you are buying cherrystones, there will be 150 clams per bushel. If you are buying chowders, there are 100 clams in a bushel.

Similarly, how much does a bushel of steamer clams cost? 1 lb. to 10 lbs ($7.99 per lb.) 1/2 Bushel ($180.00 – 25.00 lbs.) Whole Bushel ($350.00 – 50.00 lbs.)

Subsequently, question is, how much does a bag of clams cost?

LIVE Clam Prices

LIVE Clams Quantity Price
Ocean Clams 50 count bag $14.99
Maine Steamers (Ipswitch) Clams 1 to 4 pounds $6.99/pound
Maine Steamers (Ipswitch) Clams 5+ pounds $6.79/pound
Wild Maine Mussels per pound $2.99/pound

How many pounds of clams do I need per person?

If you are wondering how many clams to serve, we recommend about 1/2 pound per person (appetizer) or approximately 1 pound per person (main).

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