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How much do vivint cameras cost?

Vivint equipment costs range from $599 to $1,789+, with financing available. Vivint's monitoring plans are reasonably priced at $29.99 and $39.99 per month (plus an additional $5/mo. for each camera needing monitoring).

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Correspondingly, is vivint expensive?

Pricey equipment. Vivint pretty much forces you to buy your equipment and it's not cheap. The basic Starter Kit costs $599.99. And all other cool equipment like smoke sensors and doorbell cameras cost extra. There may also be installation costs for some of the equipment.

Subsequently, question is, is vivint better than ADT? Vivint is the best choice for homeowners looking for proprietary equipment because they build some of their own security equipment, while ADT primarily uses third parties for its equipment. Like ADT, they also offer home automation services and cutting-edge technology.

Secondly, can vivint see my cameras?

Vivint Smart Home app Watch and share live camera footage or playback and share video clips anytime, from anywhere. Check your camera footage or video clips any time with the Vivint Smart Home app. The app enables two-way talk with Ping and doorbell camera from your mobile devices.

How much does vivint doorbell camera cost?

The Vivint Doorbell Camerais included in the Smart Home Video plan, which starts at $49.99 per month. If purchased by itself, the camera costs $249.99.

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