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How much did NBC pay for Sunday night football?

CBS is on the hook for around US$1 billion a year for its Sunday package; NBC is paying US$950 million a year for Sunday night games; whilst ESPN is shelling out US$1.9 billion a year for its MNF-centred NFL rights.

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Consequently, how Much Does NBC pay for NFL?

In 2017, the NFL games attracted the top three rates for a 30-second advertisement: $699,602 for NBC Sunday Night Football, $550,709 for Thursday Night Football (NBC), and $549,791 for Thursday Night Football (CBS).

how much did CBS pay for NFL rights? The NFL gets $1 billion a year from CBS, $1.1 billion from Fox and $950 million from NBC for the rights to air the Sunday games.

In this regard, how much does ESPN pay for NFL programmers?

Typically, prime-time network programming costs a couple million dollars an hour. This year, ESPN is paying $1.1 billion for the Monday Night Football package, which works out to $65 million per contest and about $20 million per hour.

Who has the rights to Sunday night football?

NBC Sunday Night Football
Running time 210 minutes or until game ends (inc. adverts)
Production company(s) National Football League NBC Sports
Original network NBC Universo via Telemundo Deportes (2014–present) (Spanish simulcasts of select games)

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