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How much did Billy Bob weigh in Varsity Blues?

The actor battled obesity from an early age, weighing 508 pounds. Grantland reports he lost more than 300 pounds after life-saving gastric bypass surgery in 2000, but he struggled to find roles after that.

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In this regard, who is the fat guy in Varsity Blues?

Ron Lester

Additionally, what kind of truck did Billy Bob drive in Varsity Blues? Well then this tribute to Billy Bob's Chevy K20 Pickup is what you've been looking for. Throw Jonathan Moxon, Tweeter and Lance Harbor in the back of your Chevy long box, and you're on your way to a helluva weekend.

In respect to this, did Billy Bob from Varsity Blues die?

Actor Ron Lester, who portrayed Billy Bob in the 1999 football film Varsity Blues, died Friday at a Dallas hospital following liver and kidney failure. He was 45. Yes,” Lester said of his 300-pound drop after recovering from the surgery. “I wouldn't do [the surgery] again.

What's wrong with Billy Bob in Varsity Blues?

Varsity Blues. Ron Lester, the actor best known for playing Billy Bob in Varsity Blues, died Friday evening of liver and kidney failure, his agent Dave Bradley confirmed to EW. He was 45 years old. Lester was moved from the intensive care unit to hospice care in a Dallas hospital Friday.

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