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How much compression should a Harley Davidson golf cart have?

The Harley Davidson golf carts usually run ok until they get under 90 psi on compression.

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Just so, how much compression should a golf cart have?

At a normal cranking speed of 550 - 600 RPM, the compression should be typically 156 psi.

Additionally, what year is my Harley golf cart? Print It And Go

Year Serial Model
1963 - 1981 3K Classic
1982 - 1983 3B D3
5K DX4
1984 - 1986 3B G3

Correspondingly, does Harley Davidson make golf carts?

The Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company started making golf carts the same year William "Willie G" Davidson joined the company. That was in 1963. The first carts were three wheelers and later they added the four wheel versions. AMF continued production until they sold the cart division to Columbia Par Car in late 1981.

Are golf carts motorized?

Golf Cart Facts Usually referred to as golf carts, these vehicles are officially labelled as golf cars by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The reason for this is because these vehicles are self-propelled. Carts, on the other hand, are pushed or pulled by people, animals or separate motorized vehicles.

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