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How many ways are there to pass a pointer to a function?

The four ways to pass a pointer to a function in C++ | surfdev.

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Similarly, how do you pass a pointer to a function?

When we pass a pointer as an argument instead of a variable then the address of the variable is passed instead of the value. So any change made by the function using the pointer is permanently made at the address of passed variable. This technique is known as call by reference in C.

Beside above, how do you pass a pointer to a function in C++? C++ allows to pass a pointer to a function. Then the parameter has to be declared as a pointer type. When an array is an argument to a function, only the address of the first element of the array is passed, not a copy of the entire array.

Thereof, can we pass a function to another function?

In C programming you can only pass variables as parameter to function. You cannot pass function to another function as parameter. But, you can pass function reference to another function using function pointers.

Can function pointer passed as an argument?

6) Like normal data pointers, a function pointer can be passed as an argument and can also be returned from a function. For example, consider the following C program where wrapper() receives a void fun() as parameter and calls the passed function.

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