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How many watts does a wood stove blower use?

1 Amp * 120V = 120 Watts, a 120 watt light bulb and your blower uses the same electricity.

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Simply so, how many watts does a furnace blower use?

Variable Speed Furnace Fans A standard fan motor will typically use about 400 watts per hour while a variable-speed model will only use 75 watts per hour.

Additionally, do wood stoves use electricity? Energy Source: Wood stoves do not require any electricity to operate, making it an ideal backup heating source. Burn Time: Wood stoves can burn approximately 8-12 hours on the lowest setting, so they typically require more frequent refueling than other options.

In respect to this, what does a blower on a wood stove do?

How a Wood Stove Blower Works. By circulating the warm air and forcing it to move into other areas of your home, you are able to warm those cold areas of your home. Using a blower is a cost-effective way to use your wood stove to heat your home without any other method of heat.

What is the blower for on a fireplace?

The purpose of a fireplace blower is to help circulate warm air throughout the room. It has a fan motor and baffles that allow it to do the job efficiently. The fan draws cool air in and heats it up inside the baffles before being forced out into the room.

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