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How many turnips does a plant produce?

Turnips are grown as a root vegetable or for their green leaves, Turnip Yield. Plant 5 to 10 plants per household member.

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Similarly, you may ask, do Turnips grow back every year?

We've had great luck with turnips on marginal land/soil. They have done well when most other things didn't. Yes they are easy to grow, no they don't come back every year.

Secondly, what does a turnip plant look like? Turnip leaves are light green and slightly hairy. They grow into an elongated oval, with toothed or wavy edges. Turnip bulbs are generally either white or yellow, with the part of the bulb that protrudes above ground purple or green thanks to sun exposure. If allowed to bolt, turnip flowers are small and yellow.

Subsequently, one may also ask, are turnips easy to grow?

Many gardeners love to grow turnip roots in their garden. Like any root vegetable, turnips (Brassica campestris L.) They are easy to care for and can be planted either in the spring, so you have turnips all summer, or in late summer for a fall crop.

When should I harvest turnips?

Turnips are ready to harvest 40 to 55 days after planting. If harvesting the leaves, they are ready when they reach 4-6 inches in height. If only harvesting the leaves, cut them from the plant when they reach the desired size, leaving 1 inch of leaves above the crown of the plant. More leaves will grow in their place.

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