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How many thresholds are there?

There are 8 fundamental thresholds of Big History: Origins, Stars and Galaxies, Molecules, Earth, Life, Why humans?, Agriculture and the Modern Revolution.

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Simply so, what is a threshold moment?

THRESHOLD MOMENTS are those turning points in your life when you faced a difficult decision, life event or a surprising pivot which changed your life forever. Your standing at the cross roads- literally –trying to decide which way to go.

Secondly, what are the 3 Goldilocks conditions? In his talk, David Christian explains the three Goldilocks Conditions for life. These are the right amount of energy, diverse chemical elements and liquids. Two of these conditions can be implemented for creativity and talent.

Also asked, what are thresholds of increasing complexity?

Big History looks at the Universe as a series of moments called Thresholds. These moments are characterised by a set of ingredients and a set of 'Goldilocks Conditions' that result in new forms of complexity.

What makes a thing complex?

Complex things need just the right ingredients and they need to be assembled in just the right way. So, complex things are usually more fragile than simple things. And that means that after a time, they fall apart.

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