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How many syllables is double?

Wondering why double is 2 syllables? Contact Us! We'll explain.

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Then, what is a double syllable?

Two Syllable Words: Double Consonants category: two syllables (a word that makes two sounds or beats like 'hap-py') and a double consonant. There are, however, some exceptions. There are no two syllable words that use hh, jj, kk, qq, vv, ww or xx. Some words from abroad use cc, such as broccoli and cappuccino.

Beside above, what are 2 syllable words? Category:English 2-syllable words

  • daymare.
  • tumbled.
  • embarked.
  • Gullah.
  • Marcia.
  • Mercia.
  • syntagm.
  • sticker.

Also question is, how many syllables is twice?

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How many syllables does trouble have?

2 syllables

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