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How many students attend TL Hanna High School?


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In respect to this, what does TL Hanna stand for?

Marchbanks Avenue. Girls' High changed its name to "Hanna High" in 1951.

Secondly, how old is radio from TL Hanna? James "Radio" Kennedy, the inspiration for a Hollywood movie and a man described as "in his element when spreading joy," died early Sunday. He was 73. He'd been a fixture on the sidelines of T.L. Hanna High School football games for more than 50 years.

Considering this, is radio still at Hanna High School?

James "Radio" Kennedy Cuba Gooding Jr. portrayed Kennedy in the film. A large statue of "Radio" is located on the school grounds today. Kennedy died at the age of 72, at his South Carolina home surrounded by his family and friends including Coach Harold Jones, on December 15, 2019.

What school was radio from?

T. L. Hanna High School

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