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How many seats are in the SF Giants Stadium?


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Besides, what are club seats at SF Giants Stadium?

Club Level (200's) Club level seats are one of the most luxurious—but also expensive—ways to watch a Giants game. They feature nicer restrooms, short lines for food and bathrooms, extra leg room, more comfortable seats, and exclusive entrances.

Additionally, where is the best place to sit at a baseball game in San Francisco? Sit on the First Base Side For Shade at AT&T Park Outfield seats in left field and center field -- along with seats down the third base line -- are among the most exposed and should be avoided if you are sensitive to the sun.

Also asked, how much are SF Giants box seats?

Amenities: VIP parking, in suite catering available, concierge service, and more

Low Range Location High Range
$4,000 Signature Suite $8,000
$4,000 Executive Suites $12,000
$4,000 Traditional Suites $8,000
$4,000 Premium Suites $12,000

How many seats are in a row at Giants Stadium?

The average section in the 100 level has between 14 and 30 seats per row. The average section in the 200 level has 24 seats per row. In the 300 sections, there are up to 31 seats per row.

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