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How many questions is the BCBA exam?


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Moreover, what score do I need to pass the BCBA exam?

the passing score for the BCBA base exam be 76% (114 out of 150 correct). Note: exam forms that are more or less difficult than the base-exam forms have comparably adjusted passing scores.

Also, how much is the BCBA exam? The $125 exam fee must be paid to Pearson VUE each time the exam is taken.

In this regard, how long should I study for the BCBA exam?

It will be essential for you to practice your pacing during these practice exams to ensure you do not run out of time when taking the certification exam. You will have 4 hours to complete the real certification exam, which equates to 90 seconds per question.

How do I prepare for the BCBA exam?

How to Prepare: Focus on Your Weakest Areas

  1. If you are still struggling with particular content areas of the BACB's Task List, we recommend taking our Content Quizzes.
  2. Finally, we recommend taking a full-length BCBA® Mock Exam a week or two before the actual exam.

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