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How many protons are in the nucleus of radon?

The chemical symbol for radon is Rn, and the mass number is usually placed either after the symbol (Rn-222) or to the left and above it (222Rn). In either case, it simply designates the element radon, which always has 86 protons, and that the particular isotope of radon in question is the one with 136 neutrons.

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Just so, how many protons electrons and neutrons are in radon?


One may also ask, why is radon 220 a dangerous isotope? Radon-222 is one of the elements in the long radioactive decay chain from uranium-238, and the less common isotope radon-220 is part of the decay series from thorium-232. Radon in outside air is diluted rapidly, but if it enters through a basement floor and is trapped in a tight house, it can reach high concentrations.

Also question is, what is the cost of radon per gram?

Radon is available at a cost of about $4/mCi.

How many electrons are there in radon?


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