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How many paratroopers can a c130 hold?

The airplane is capable of airlifting 92 ground troops, 64 fully equipped paratroopers, or 74 litter patients. It can also carry 45,000 pounds of cargo.

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Considering this, how many HMMWVs can a c130 carry?


Additionally, how much runway does a c130 need? Landing a C-130 at the ranges and payloads discussed earlier requires a runway length of at least 5,000 feet and a runway width of at least 80 feet. At these runway lengths and widths, the C-130 landing weight could be 155,000 pounds. Landings on shorter or narrower runways would require an assault landing.

Then, how many pallets can a c130 hold?

The C-130 can accommodate up to six 463L pallets. Usable surface dimensions of a 463L pallet are 84 inches long by 104 inches wide. Pallet criteria according to position, weight, and height. For pallet positions 3 and 4, maintain a 6-inch aisle along the narrow side of the pallet.

How far can a c130 fly without refueling?

A C-130H with minimal cargo and maximum fuel (four wing tanks, two auxiliary tanks in the wing roots and two external tanks) can stretch range out to more than 4,500 nautical miles.

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