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How many pages is Lawnboy?

'One day I was 12 years old and broke. Then Grandma gave me Grandpa's old riding lawnmower. I set out to mow some lawns.

By Gary Paulsen.
Genre Fiction
ISBN 13 9780545178044
Format Paperback Book
Pages 96

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Likewise, what is the setting of lawn boy?

The Setting The book Lawn Boy is set in the house of a poor American family with an inventor dad and teacher mom. The main character, “Lawn Boy”, does not have his name mentioned in the book.

Also Know, what genre is Lawnboy? Fiction

Considering this, how old is Lawnboy?

Gary Paulsen's novel “Lawn Boy” is a Horatio Alger story for the hedge fund era. Not nearly as earnest as the Alger books, and a lot more fun to read, it's about a 12-year-old Minnesota boy who in the course of a summer earns half a million dollars without really doing a whole lot.

Did Lawnboy go out of business?

In 1988, Lawn-Boy acquired Gilson Brothers Co., a Wisconsin-based manufacturer of outdoor power equipment and recreational equipment. In 1989, with a dire need for cash, OMC sold Lawn-Boy to the Toro Company, and eventually consolidated to the Toro headquarters in Bloomington, Minnesota.

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