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How many oil refineries are in Illinois?

Across the border from Indiana, three major Illinois refineries today also process oil in the Chicago area: the Citgo refinery in Lemont processes 167,000 barrels of oil a day; the Joliet refinery owned by ExxonMobil process 238,000 barrels a day; and the Robinson refinery of Marathon Petroleum Company processes

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In respect to this, how many oil refineries are in the world?

700 oil refineries

One may also ask, how many oil refineries are in the US? These states process the vast majority of the oil refined in the U.S. each year. Of the nation's 139 operating refineries, 89 are located in these states. The national refinery capacity is roughly 16.7 million barrels per day.

In this manner, how many oil refineries are there in Australia?

It's pretty hard for Australia's 211 bpd total refining output to compete with that! Despite this, most refineries in Australia have remained profitable. So how does Australia remain competitive without the same scale benefits? By rationalising – just like refineries have done in Europe, and the US.

What states have oil refineries?

Although there are refineries in 30 states, just three states dominate US refining: Texas (47 operating refineries), Louisiana (19), and California (18). As of January 2015, these three states contain 45% of all US refineries and 59% of all US refining capacity.

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