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How many nucleotides are in a codon?

three nucleotides

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Accordingly, how many nucleotides are in a gene?

You've got six billion of these pairs of nucleotides in each of your cells, and amongst these six billion nucleotide pairs are roughly 23,000 genes. A gene is a distinct stretch of DNA that determines something about who you are. (More on that later.)

Similarly, why does a codon have 3 nucleotides? This arrangement of three nucleotides is called a codon when it is in the messenger mRNA and anticodon when it is located in the transfer tRNA segments that carry each amino acid into ribosomes for processing. So, the reason codons are three nucleotides long is because four is too many; two is not enough.

Beside above, how many codons are in a gene?


How many possible triplet codes are there?


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