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How many modules are there in drivers ed?

twelve modules

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Likewise, people ask, how many sections are in the online drivers ed?

The California online drivers ed program is a state-mandated 30 hours long. The information in our course is broken up into 8 chapters, each covering a specific topic regarding driving in California. After you complete each chapter, you'll be given a 10-question multiple-choice quiz.

Also Know, how many modules are in Drivers Ed Florida? The course is broken into seven modules with easy-to-read sections.

Similarly, how many modules are there in the drug and alcohol test?

The timed course, which is split into 7 modules, is also known as the DATA course or the Drug and Alcohol course. To satisfy the requirements for court-ordered TLSAE, you must complete each module and a 40-question final exam.

How many modules are in defensive driving?

6 modules

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