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How many members are on the Ohio Board of Nursing?

A thirteen-member Board is appointed by the Governor and consists of eight registered nurses, four licensed practical nurses and one consumer. Of the eight registered nurses on the Board, one must be authorized to practice as an advanced practice nurse.

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Beside this, how many members comprise the Ohio Board of Nursing?

The Board is composed of 13 members.By law, eight members must be registered Nurses, four must be licensed practical nurses, and one member must be a nonnurse representing the interests of consumers of healthcare.

Furthermore, how do I contact the Ohio Board of Nursing? For nursing home, assisted living facility or STNA questions or complaints, contact ODH at 800-342-0553.

Beside this, how often does the Ohio Board of Nursing update?

The test is administered at Pearson VUE testing locations. License Renewal and Continuing Education Requirements: Ohio RN licenses require renewal every two years and can be completed online.

How are members of Ohio State Board of Nursing chosen?

The Ohio Board of Nursing is composed of thirteen members picked by the Governor of Ohio specifically for this duty (ORC, 4723.02). Eight of the members are to be RNs. Each of the LPN and RN members are required to have met certain minimum standards.

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