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How many homeless people are in Seattle 2017?

Annual One Night Count
Year Count
2015 3,772
2016 4,505
2017 5,485
2018 6,320

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Also to know is, what percentage of Seattle is homeless?

Despite millions being spent to help, Seattle's homelessness went up 4 percent in 2018. Washington state's number of people living homeless was up 5.6 percent — more than any state, save Massachusetts, New York and Texas.

Additionally, what is causing homelessness in Seattle? There are many triggers of homelessness—an unexpected expense, the loss of a job, poor health, and domestic violence among them. But the rapid decline in the stock of affordable housing means that when people lose their homes, many of them find it hard to find a suitable alternative.

Likewise, people ask, how many homeless people are in Seattle 2018?

On one night in the greater Seattle region in 2018, 12,112 individuals were experiencing homelessness, with 52 percent living unsheltered. In the Columbus region's 2018 count, there were 1,807 people experiencing homelessness with 16 percent living unsheltered.

How many homeless people die in Seattle?

SEATTLE, WA — The King County Medical Examiner in 2018 investigated 194 deaths of people presumed to be homeless, and that's a nearly 15 percent increase over 2017, and the highest number dating back to 2012.

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