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How many Grainger branches are there?

Grainger serves its over 3 million customers through a network of approximately 598 branches, online channels (such as, KeepStock and eProcurement), and 33 distribution centers.

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Beside this, how many Grainger locations are there?


are Zoro and Grainger the same company? is an online seller of industrial supplies and business products based in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. Zoro is a subsidiary of W.W. Grainger, the industrial machinery & equipment giant. While Grainger mainly markets to big businesses, sells to small and individual customers in the U.S.

Also question is, is there a Grainger?

We have 573 Grainger branches in North America, Central America, South America and China. In regions where we do not have Grainger stocking branches, you still have access to Grainger products through our worldwide export services.

Is Grainger wholesale only?

Wholesale Only. ("Grainger") sells its complete offering wholesale to Business Customers, while also serving individuals.

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