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How many gods did the Maya believe in?

The Mayan religion was Polytheist, and they worshiped more than 165 Gods. The Gods were human-like.

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Similarly one may ask, how many gods did the Mayans have?

With between 166 and 250 named gods, the Mayans had a complex and changeable pantheon.

Furthermore, who was the most powerful Mayan god? Itzamna

Correspondingly, who were the most important Mayan gods?

Among the most important are Itzamna the Creator, the rain god Chac, the goddess of fertility, Ix Chel, and the gods of death, Ah Puch and Akan.

What God is Kukulcan?

Kukulkan (/kuːkuːlˈkän/) ("Plumed Serpent", "Feathered Serpent") is the name of a Mesoamerican serpent deity. Prior to the Spanish Conquest of the Yucatán, Kukulkan was worshipped by the Yucatec Maya peoples of the Yucatán Peninsula, in what is now Mexico.

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