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How many cups of dried navy beans are in a pound?

2 cups

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Similarly, it is asked, how many cups is 16 oz of dried beans?

How much are 16 ounces of dried beans in cups?

Dried beans Conversion Chart Near 4 ounces.

ounces to US cups of Dried beans
15 ounces = 2.36 (2 3/8 ) US cups
16 ounces = 2.52 (2 1/2 ) US cups
17 ounces = 2.68 (2 5/8 ) US cups
18 ounces = 2.83 (2 7/8 ) US cups

One may also ask, how much dry beans equal a can? According to the Kitchen Companion, a terrific general handbook which I recommend, 1 lb (about 2 cups) of dried beans is roughly 6 to 7 cups cooked beans, and one 15oz can of cooked beans is roughly 1.75 cups drained, making it equivalent to 1/4 to 1/3 lbs ( or 1/2 to 3/4 cup) dried.

Herein, how many servings are in a pound of dry beans?

As a rule, allow between 1/2 and 1 cup per person to be safe. We like to cook 10 to 15 pounds of dried beans to feed 100 people. According to the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom, a one-pound bag of dried beans provides 10 servings of 1/2 cup.

How much does a cup of dried beans make?

Cooking Guide for Dried Beans

1/2 cup dry = 1 1/2 cups cooked
2/3 cup dry = 2 cups cooked
1 cup dry beans = 3 cups cooked
2 cups (1 lb) dry = 6 cups cooked

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