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How many coats of Briwax should I use?

For intricate areas apply Briwax or Briwax Original with a soft hand brush. For a higher gloss apply a second coat of wax in a similar manner (Distinctive Doors Note: Once again, in order to comply with our guarantee terms you MUST apply minimum of 4 coats to completely seal and protect the door.)

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Similarly, it is asked, how long does it take for Briwax to dry?

30 minutes

Subsequently, question is, how do you remove excess Briwax? Briwax can be removed using mineral spirits (paint thinner). Just take a cloth, we prefer white so that you can see the wax, and dampen it with mineral spirits. Wipe the area where you wish to remove the wax and the petroleum distillate in the paint thinner will dissolve the wax and your cloth will remove it.

Just so, what is Briwax used for?

BRIWAX is a blend of beeswax and carnauba wax, two of the finest waxes known to man. BRIWAX is designed to protect raw wood and can be applied to virtually any existing finish. Use BRIWAX on all woods and works amazingly to restore antique furniture. BRIWAX cleans, stains and polishes all in one product.

Can you put polyurethane over Briwax?

Briwax can be used over almost every cured finish and Briwax is the FINAL finish. Think of the Briwax finish as the protective finish for your furniture. No other finish goes over Briwax.

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