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How many children does Don Fernando have?

Don Fernando is presently a widower and is in ill health. With his second wife, Carmen Márquez de Castillo, he had four children who are still living: Ramón, Carlos, Juan, and Mercedes.

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Similarly, it is asked, who is Maricarmen in Destinos?

Real-Life Relative: Fernando's youngest grandchild, Maricarmen, is played by the real-life daughter of Liliana Abud, who plays Raquel. Recap Episode: One or two at the end of each country, and four in a row before the end of the series.

Beside above, where does Carlos live in Destinos? Carlos, who lives in Miami, and Juan, who lives in New York, are en route. Juan's wife Pati works at the theater; he goes there to tell her about the family meeting. Ramón also calls his uncle Pedro in Mexico City. The family members gather at La Gavia.

Also know, when was Destinos made?


Who is Elena Ramirez in Destinos?


Miguel Ruiz son of señora Teresa Suárez; lives in Sevilla, España
Elena Ramírez de Ruiz wife of Miguel Ruiz; daughter in law of señora Suárez
Miguel Ruiz Jr. teenager son of Miguel and Elena
Jaime Ruiz Miguel and Elena's younger son

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