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How many avocados can one tree produce?

It is possible for an avocado tree to produce 200 to 300 fruit per tree once it is about 5 to 7 years of age. The avocado however, alternate bears. This means that the tree may produce a large crop one year, and then will produce a small crop the following year. There are lots of variables which will influence this.

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In this way, how many avocados does a tree produce per year?

The California Avocado Commission says an average tree in that state typically averages 150 avocados a year, totaling 60 pounds of avocados, although a single tree is capable of producing 500 avocados, weighing 200 pounds, in one year.

Similarly, how fast do avocado trees grow? Avocados have a fast growth rate, and can add 2 feet or more to their height in a single growing season. Assuming an avocado tree reaches a full 65 feet, you can expect it to hit maturity in roughly 20 years, perhaps less.

Then, do you need 2 avocado trees to produce fruit?

Avocado Pollination For the best yields of fruit, two avocado trees are required. If both trees are growing in the same garden, the overall yield should be higher than that from two trees growing alone. However, some cultivars naturally bear fruit only every other year.

How far apart do you plant avocado trees?

Avocado Tree Spacing According to the University of California Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources (UCDANR) (see reference 6) spacing your avocado trees 20 feet apart is ideal, although 15 feet is acceptable if you don't have the space.

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