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How many acres is Washington Square Park?


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Furthermore, why is Washington Square Park famous?

A Short History Of Washington Square Park For nearly two centuries the Square has been a place to linger, to play, to celebrate or demonstrate. It functions not only as a public park beloved by locals, but also as a campus green, a crossroads, a performance space and a magnet attracting visitors from around the world.

Furthermore, is Washington Square Park safe at night? The park has a heavy police presence and officially the park is open 24 hours, but in reality you will get kicked out at midnight. Such is life in NYC. It is super safe to walk anywhere in the park, and be sure to explore the surrounding streets for fantastic & in some cases very cheap restaurants.

Similarly, you may ask, how old is Washington Square Park?

From 1797 to 1826, before it became a public space, Washington Square Park was a six and half acre plot designated as a potter's field.

What is near Washington Square Park?

Things to do near Washington Square Park

  • 0.18 mi. Blue Note Jazz Club. 0.18 mi from Washington Square Park.
  • 0.17 mi. Comedy Cellar. 0.17 mi from Washington Square Park.
  • 0.22 mi. Le Poisson Rouge. 0.22 mi from Washington Square Park.
  • 0.2 mi. 8th Street Wine Cellar.
  • 0.19 mi. Fat Black Pussycat.
  • 0.2 mi. The Red Lion.
  • 0.15 mi. Flight Club.
  • 0.22 mi. IFC Center.

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