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How long would it take the earth to fall into the sun?

If the Earth happened to stop dead in its orbit, it would take about 65 days to plunge down into the sun, disappearing in a puff of plasma.

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In respect to this, can the earth fall into the sun?

The earth is literally falling towards the sun under its immense gravity. So why don't we hit the sun and burn up? Fortunately for us, the earth has a lot of sideways momentum. Because of this sideways momentum, the earth is continually falling towards the sun and missing it.

Similarly, what would happen if the earth fell into the sun? As the Earth falls towards the Sun, it picks up speed. The further it falls, the more intense the sunlight, and so Earth starts to heat up.

Keeping this in view, what keeps the earth from falling into the sun?

The Earth is always being pulled towards the Sun by gravity. If the Earth were stationary compared to the Sun, it would fall into the sun under the force of gravity. The Earth is not moving fast enough to "escape" the Sun's gravity and leave the solar system, but it is going too fast to be pulled into the Sun.

How long would it take for the moon to fall to the earth?

In about 50 billion years, the Moon will stop moving away from us and settle into a nice, stable orbit. At this point, the Moon will take about 47 days to go around the Earth (currently, it takes a little over 27 days). When this new stability is achieved, the Earth and the Moon will be tidally locked to each other.

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