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How long will it take humans to get to Mars?

The mission would take about 440 days to complete with three astronauts visiting the surface of the planet for a period of two months.

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People also ask, how many years will it take to get to Mars?

The total journey time from Earth to Mars takes between 150-300 days depending on the speed of the launch, the alignment of Earth and Mars, and the length of the journey the spacecraft takes to reach its target. It really just depends on how much fuel you're willing to burn to get there.

Subsequently, question is, why does it take so long to get to Mars? The simple reason is that it takes a long time is because the only available technology we have is chemical rockets. There will likely be nothing better for at least another 100 years. If you are using chemical powered rockets the only practical route to Mars is the Holmann transfer orbit.

Also know, how long will it take Elon Musk to get to Mars?

Tech mogul Elon Musk – who heads up SpaceX – says his Interplanetary Transport System (ITS) could manage the journey in just 80 days. Musk's firm is spending tens of millions of dollars on the project each year, and expects it to cost more than $10billion (£7.2billion) overall.

Can we make it to Mars?

See new space suits, foods, and rockets that may support future Mars-bound astronauts, and meet a Mars rover driver. (This program is no longer available for streaming.) Host Neil deGrasse Tyson checks in with scientists who are developing new ways to keep astronauts alive on such a journey.

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