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How long should an extractor fan last?

When to Replace Your Exhaust Fans
Routine cleaning will help extend the life of your exhaust fans, but they won't last forever. The average life of a bathroom exhaust fan is about ten years, and kitchen hood fans tend to hang in there a little longer at around 15 years.

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Keeping this in view, how long should an extractor fan stay on for?

Keep your kitchen extractor fan on all the time while you are cooking. It is also helpful to leave it on for ten minutes to half an hour afterwards, depending on what sort of food you have been making and how much steam or smoke there is.

Secondly, how do you change the time on an extractor fan? This time delay can be increased by firstly switching off the power to the fan. Remove front cover and the timer cover as detailed. Insert a small screwdriver into the slot marked . Turn clockwise to reduce the time and anti-clockwise to increase the time.

Subsequently, one may also ask, is it easy to replace an extractor fan?

If you only need to replace an extractor fan, swapping old for new, you should be able to use the existing wiring, ducting and exhaust venting. It's a straightforward DIY job that only requires basic disassembly and securing screws. Make sure you check the existing wiring and ducting is in good shape.

How do you fix an extractor fan?

  1. Check for Dust and Debris Accumulation. The accumulation of dust in the fan blades is one of the most common problems that may cause the bathroom extractor fan to stop working.
  2. Clean the Fan Blades.
  3. Check the Connections.
  4. Replace the Motor.
  5. Purchase a New Bathroom Extractor Fan.

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