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How long is the play For Colored Girls?

90 minutes

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Moreover, what do the colors mean in For Colored Girls?

Each woman is represented by a color: Jo Bradmore represents red, Tangie Adrose represents orange, Yasmine represents yellow, Juanita Sims represents green, Kelly Watkins represents blue, Nyla Adrose represents purple, Crystal Wallace represents brown, and Rose represents pink.

Subsequently, question is, who wrote For Colored Girls? Ntozake Shange

Likewise, where does for colored girls take place?

For Colored Girls (2010) And each will know that she is complete as a human being, glorious and divine in all her colors. Tangie's Apartment, 530 West 152nd Street and Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan. West 152nd Street (btw Amsterdam Avenue and Broadway) Manhattan.

Who was Janet Jackson husband in For Colored Girls?

For Colored Girls That being said, this cast also includes Omari Hardwick, who played the character “Carl Bradmore” who is also the husband to Jo (Janet Jackson).

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