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How long is an Olympic team handball game?

Olympic: Part of Summer Olympic programme in

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Similarly one may ask, how long is the game of handball?

The object of handball is to score more points than your opponent. A handball game lasts for a regulation 60 minutes. This is split into two periods of 30 minutes each with a 15 minute interval. For younger players, the period time can be reduced to 20 minutes.

what year was handball in the Olympics? 1936

Herein, how big is a handball?

ANSWER: For men it has a circumference of 58-60 cm and a weight range of 425-475g (size 3). For women it has a circumference of 54-56 cm and a weight range of 325-375g (size 2). (For children smaller sizes are used.)

What starts a team handball game?

The game begins with a center throw-off by one team determined by rock, paper scissors. The throw-off is a pass to a teammate within 3 seconds after the official start of game. Both teams begin on their own side and no defender can be within 10 feet of the offense when the throw-off occurs.

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