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How long is a vaccination needle?

Age group Needle length Injection site
Children (birth-18 years)
Children, 11-18 years 1-1.5 inches (25-38 mm) Anterolateral thigh
Adults (≥19 years)
Men and women, <60 kg (130 lbs) 1 inch (25 mm)(d) Deltoid muscle of arm

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People also ask, what size needle is used for vaccines?

For subcutaneous vaccinations, needles 16 mm to 25 mm in length to administer subcutaneous vaccinations with gauge sizes varying from 23 G to 26 G are recommended (see Appendix 1). Trials to identify the optimal needle length and gauge for vaccines administered intradermally and subcutaneously are warranted.

Subsequently, question is, what size needle is used for subcutaneous injections? Subcutaneous injections go into the fatty tissue just below the skin. Since these are relatively shallow shots, the needle required is small and short—typically one-half to five-eighths of an inch long with a gauge of 25 to 30.

Simply so, is 5/8 needle long enough for IM injection?

A 5/8-inch needle should be used for girls weighing 70–115 kg and boys weighing 75–140 kg. A 7/8-inch or longer needle should be used for girls weighing more than 115 kg and boys weighing more than 140 kg.

What happens if you don't aspirate when giving an IM injection?

This will increase the likelihood of medication administration into muscle tissue, and not blood vessels (CDC, 2017). Aspiration is generally not recommended during IM injection of medications with a low risk of adverse effects if the medication is inadvertently injected systemically instead of via the IM route.

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