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How long is a theorbo?

They were a standard scale length of 76 cm, which made them smaller than Italian instruments, that ranged from 85-95 cm.

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Just so, how much is a theorbo?


with VAT 24% no VAT
Guitars & Vihuelas
Theorbo, > 30 ribs 4869 € 3927 €
Théorbe des pièces 3749 € 3024 €
+Foldable extension 651 € 525 €

One may also ask, how many strings does a lute? 15 strings

In this regard, who invented the theorbo?


When was the lute invented?

Silver wound strings, invented around the 1660s, enabled lutes to reach deeper and stronger bass notes with shorter strings. These strings with new technology replaced the lower gut strings and put an end to the ever increasing length of the lute.

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