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How long is a strainer post?

The strainer post should be no less than 150 to 200mm in diameter and buried 1 metre into the ground. The stay is of similar diameter to fence posts (100 to 125mm), its length is determined by the position on the strainer.

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Beside this, what is a strainer post?

strainer post. A post, usually at the end of a length of wire fence such as a stock fence, to which the wire is strained taut.

Similarly, how deep should star pickets go? 600mm

Similarly, it is asked, how does a fence strainer work?

When straining up prefabricated fences it is wise to use a multiwire strainer. This grips all the wires in the roll simultaneously ensuring an even tension. The strainer is fitted to the wire a few metres before the second strainer and tension applied. This can be carried out with a tractor or four-wheel-drive.

How deep should a strainer post be?

We recommend 80NB (89mm O.D) or 100NB (114mm O.D) strainer posts. A commonly held belief is that the greater the diameter of the post, the greater hold it will have in the ground. This isn't accurate. The depth of the post and the way it's installed are far more important.

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