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How long does vacuum sealed deer meat last in freezer?

1 year to 15 months

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In this regard, how long does vacuum sealed meat last in freezer?

Frozen food that is vacuum sealed lasts an average of 2-3 years, while it will last 6-12 months, on average, stored in other ways. Most vacuum sealed foods will last in the refrigerator for 1-2 weeks, which is much longer than the typical 1-3 days food will last when stored conventionally in a refrigerator.

Similarly, how long does vacuum sealed ground beef last in the freezer? Meats, like beef, poultry and fish, generally only stay fresh for about six months when stored in the freezer using conventional methods. With the FoodSaver® Food Preservation System, you can extend that shelf life to about two to three years.

Also to know is, does deer meat go bad in the freezer?

Store ground venison in a freezer at 0°F or colder for 3 months for best quality. Venison roasts and steaks can be stored 6 to 9 months at this temperature. Meat quality and flavor will deteriorate in the freezer over time.

Can you eat meat that's been frozen for two years?

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, any food stored at exactly 0°F is safe to eat indefinitely. So the USDA recommends tossing uncooked roasts, steaks, and chops after a year in the freezer, and uncooked ground meat after just 4 months. Meanwhile, frozen cooked meat should go after 3 months.

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