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How long does steel stick take to dry?

60 minutes

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Just so, how long does Quiksteel take to dry?

one hour

Beside above, how do you use a steel stick?

  1. Cut. Remove required amount of putty.
  2. Mix. Thoroughly knead putty with fingers to a uniform color.
  3. Apply. Press putty firmly to the surface to be repaired.

Furthermore, is JB weld a steel stick?

J-B WELD STEELSTIK: A hand mixable two part epoxy putty stick that is steel reinforced & non-rusting to quickly repair or rebuild anything made of metal! J-B Weld SteelStik is certified by the NSF and is safe for contact with potable water. SteelStik can be molded, shaped, sanded, drilled and tapped.

How long does it take for JB Weld to fully cure?

15-24 hours

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