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How long does it take to go through Plymouth Plantation?

Plimoth Plantation takes about 3 hours to see all the sites: crafts building, pilgrim village, and the Wampanoag site. Plan for lots of walking! The Mayflower II is about 45 minutes.

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Keeping this in view, how long does it take to tour Plimoth Plantation?

2.5 hours

Secondly, how far is Plymouth Rock from Plimoth Plantation? Two miles south from Plymouth Rock along Route 3A, or off the Route 3 freeway at exit 5, Plimoth Plantation (508/746-1622, daily, $28) is a living history re-creation of the original Pilgrim colony and features costumed interpreters taking part in planting, harvesting, and other daily chores.

Moreover, what can you do at Plymouth Plantation?

  • Things to do near Plimoth Plantation.
  • Plymouth Farmers' Market.
  • Long Beach.
  • Jenney Museum.
  • Plymouth Visitor Information Center.
  • Burial Hill.
  • Captain John Boats.
  • Brewster Gardens.

Do you have to pay to see Plymouth Rock?

Visiting This Rock Icon Follow 44 East to the waterfront. When using a GPS, set the destination address for 79 Water Street, Plymouth, Massachusetts, 02360. The memorial is always open, free to the public, 365 days of the year. Free visitor parking is available at the monument.

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