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How long does it take to correct midline?

First of all the cause for the Midline diastema has to be diagnosed. The treatment time would depend on the cause. If its simple then only with upper braces treatment can be finished within 4-6 months, but if the cause is complex in nature then may take upto 10–16 months followed by retention.

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Similarly one may ask, how do you fix a midline shift?

To correct this, there are a few options:

  1. One is to remove tooth on the other side (if indicated by bite) and create space on that side, so that midline can be shifted to the other side.
  2. If there is enough space already (unlikely), only then tooth need not be removed.

Similarly, will braces fix my midline? Dental Midlines not Matched With a perfect and healthy smile, these lines should form one straight midline all the way down the center. When these lines don't match up, there is a clear misalignment with the teeth or jaw. Midline misalignment can easily be corrected with orthodontic treatment.

In respect to this, can Invisalign fix a midline shift?

Midline Movements Some patients have front teeth that don't match their midline (the imaginary line down the middle of the face). Invisalign can correct a midline discrepancy by 2mm to the left or right per arch but anything larger needs to be treated with braces.

What causes midline shift in teeth?

A dental midline shift is when this line displays some asymmetry; the line between the top teeth does not sit directly over the line between the bottom teeth. This misalignment can cause other dental issues, such as uneven wear that can lead to cavity, cracks, or accidental bruxism (grinding of the teeth) as you eat.

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