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How long does it take for sod to spread?

about two weeks

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Herein, how long after you lay sod can you walk on it?

Despite having to wait 2 weeks, in order to properly water your sod you will need to walk upon your lawn. This is definitely a must, you simply need to walk on it lightly and as minimally as possible. You also need to mow your lawn 6-7 days after installation.

Beside above, what to do after you lay sod? Things to Do After New Sod Is Installed

  1. Irrigation. Water the sod within 20 minutes of laying it.
  2. Rolling. After the initial watering immediately following sod installation, roll or tamp the sodded area lightly as soon as the sod is dry enough to walk on.
  3. Mowing.
  4. Fertilizing.
  5. Traffic Considerations.

People also ask, how can I make my sod grow faster?

Fertilize the Sod Fertilizer supplies nutrients needed to encourage the sod to grow properly. Apply a slow-release fertilizer to the sod six weeks after it is installed. To maintain your sod long-term, apply slow-release fertilizer designed for lawns once or twice per year.

What happens if you walk on new sod?

Your new sod lawn needs time to establish a firm root system before you use it as you did your old lawn. If you walk on your sod before its roots have established, you're lessening your chances of success. If, on the other hand, it's difficult to easily lift the sod, the root system has properly developed.

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